The Guild

Denise Kupiszewski



The Guild


I love my work, and because of that, each creation is a unique work of art which came to be from a ball of clay, crafted with my hands and heart, and years of study and experience.

Creativity and whimsy shows in each of my lines of pottery: "Frogs On the Side", "Animals On The Table", "Inspired Nonsense", "Squash Pots" and "Mud Huts".

Every piece I make reflects a successful combination of artistry, clay, chemistry, and heat. As a studio potter, not a production potter, my work is in a continual state of evolution.

I invite you to increase the presence of functional art in your life, and experience the simple joy of the daily use of a well made pot whose ingredients were harvested from the earth and individually crafted by a potter who loves her craft.


The Guild