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Marilyn Dugan - Capon Bridge, WV



The Guild


Bear Garden Mountain Pottery was established in 2004 when I moved to Capon Bridge, WV.
The look and feel of natural items has always been attractive to me, so it was a logical extension of that love to become a potter.
The sensuous feel of clay, the unknown qualities of each firing and the role of the potter in bringing forth a functional or decorative work of art are all pieces of the ceramics allure.
I love the magic of throwing clay on the wheel and also the satisfaction of hand-building items. An intrinsic part of myself is invested in every piece whether thrown on the wheel or hand-built.
Most of my work is functional and oxidation fired. My goal is to create pots that function well and that bring joy to those who use them.
The use of handcrafted ware enriches our daily lives. There is wondrous satisfaction in finding just the right shapes to enhance such ordinary activities as eating and drinking.
Hand-made pottery has a presence that comes from the soul of the one who made it. It is not silent; it is a bridge between the maker and the user.
Irregularities and differences between one piece and another are the mark of the hands that made them. It is my hope that my pots will add beauty and pleasure to your life for many years.

Marilyn Dugan
21 Bear Garden Trail
Capon Bridge, WV 26711